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Transplant Links Jamaica

Kidney failure is a high problem in Jamaica (particularly because of the high incidence of diabetes and high blood pressure).  

Transplant Links (TLC) is a UK registered charity that saves the lives of children and adults in the developing world who suffer from fatal kidney disease. They offer teaching and advice, and carry out living kidney transplants, sharing their knowledge with local medical teams in a variety of countries – so that sustainable transplant programmes become a possibility for the future.

A group of doctors from Birmingham visited Jamaica in May 2013 to prepare for the first transplants.  To date, they have worked in Trinidad, Ghana, Egypt, Nigeria and Nepal.  The first three transplants were successfully carried out.

Transplants Links would like to make two visit per year over the next 2 – 3 years to Jamaica.   Lignum Vitae Club is supporting this project for the next 2 – 3 years as its main fund raising.

For more information about Transplant links see our Transplant Links Community page.