Who We’re Supporting

The Lignum Vitae Club has a history with supporting small, new charities that have a wonderful cause but need a little help to get started. Once selected, we provide a dedicated amount of commitment to the charity to help them fund raise and reach their short term targets.

Over the years we have helped a number of charities beginning their journey. This is the latest charity we’re supporting.

Ellen Pearl Outreach Children’s Charity

Ellen Pearl Outreach Children’s Charity (EPOCC) was formed to outreach to the Children of Jamaica to give hope by “listening, counselling and educating in order to help keep them safe from abuse”. It was formed in 2015 by Beverley Chung.

The Lignum Vitae Club is supporting EPOCC for the next 2 years as its main fundraising cause. For more information about EPOCC see the Ellen Pearl Outreach site.


Laying To Rest

After building a life in the United Kingdom, having children and grandchildren, some from the Windrush generation decided to return home to Jamaica to be with their remaining family and live life at their own Read more…

JAMMING at Jamaican High Commission

Bob Marley’s birthday is 6th February and each year the Jamaican High Commission holds Reggae Month. This year’s theme was “Women in Music”. The evening began with the Jamaica National Anthem. Vivienne Siva introduced HE Seth George Read more…