AGM 2018

Published by Kayleigh Oliver on

Last week we had our Annual General Meeting.

We had a full house of guests that evening, including our new patron, Dr Lola Ramocan, and two speakers, Paulette Lewis MBE and Vivienne Siva, Community Relations Officer at the Jamaican High Commission.

The evening began with a prayer by one of our longstanding members Penny and the welcome by the current chair, Beverleigh Forbes.

Dr Ramocan began by giving a brief introduction of herself and her work within service throughout her life so far.


Vivienne Siva spoke about her role as the Community Relations Officer at the Jamaican High Commission.

She also recounted her day-to-day activities and even some of the more unusual requests that are made.

Paulette Lewis gave the final talk about how important it was for charities of the diaspora to come together and support each other but in more coordinated ways.

After the talks, we split into two groups to discuss the importance of service between ourselves and how we can better improve the status quo.

We need to improve our communication to build bigger things.

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